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About Us – BromleySat was founded on Saturday May 29th 2021 inΒ Bromley. The current objective of the company is to improve the efficiency of existing technologies and manufacturing techniques through electronics and software engineering solutions and improved automation.

The long term goal is to develop and manufacture satellite components and fully automated satellite constellations, basically robots in space.

Why not. πŸ˜‰


Solar optimisation – we cannot change the amount of solar radiation that hits our planet during the year and we are not planning to invest into material science R&D since there are plenty of other companies that are much better placed to do this kind of work. Instead we aim to improve the efficiency of the system as a whole to extract extra net energy per year.

Vehicle fuel efficiency – although we are all gradually moving towards electric vehicles, the fossil fuel vehicles will still be around for the next few decades. We will aim to maximise the fuel efficiency of existing vehicles as much as possible to make the transition to electric vehicles less painful to those who cannot easily afford the cost of switching.

Electronics and component manufacture – we will fully automate PCB manufacturing process to the point where from customer placing an order to the finished product being packed there should be zero manual intervention.

Packaging automation – even though we should be able to handle the workload of packaging and dispatching the things wesellourselves, we will work towards ensuring that the whole process is fully automated up to the point where it is handed over to the fulfilment provider.

Satellite parts manufacture – the focus here will be to develop and manufacture standardized satellite components at the sufficient enough scale to reduce the overall cost.