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Data Plotter
Data Plotter

Collect the data from one or multiple devices and monitor them via your browser.

ESP32 Development Board on the table
Installing the ESP32 Board in Arduino IDE

Requirements: Arduino IDE Installed. In order to proceed you need to have installed the latest version of the Arduino IDE. If you already have an older version , uninstall it and download the latest one. Otherwise it may not work.

ESP32 Development Board
Installing ESP32 drivers on Windows

In this article, I am going to demonstrate you installation process of the driver for the CP210x family of USB to UART bridge chips. A lot of ESP32 development boards is using this chip to support USB communications.

Arduino Nano
Arduino Nano CH340 Drivers & Installation Guide

Step 1: You need to google for a driver. Just type in “Arduino Nano CH340 Drivers” and many links are going to pop up.